In-house Advertising Operation

Companies which have in-house advertising operation need to spend numbers of money on its daily operation. Need to recruit and hire some advertising staff, pay for their work; Need to prepare budget for advertising production process and distribution; Need to do a lot of contact with different media, and so on. This is the disadvantage of in-house. If these companies don’t advertise in a large number, the increase of money they make will be less than they spend on the in-house advertising operation. And they focus on different products or services; advertising is not their specialized subject although they employ advertising staff. There are many difficult tasks they have to face.

On the other hand, there are also advantages. The in-house advertising staffs always work with the other departments in the same company like production department and marketing department, they understand their own products or services very well, they handle all detail information about them, and this is extremely good for in-house advertising operation’s work. Secondly, some big companies do plenty of advertising every year, in-house is more important for them, they need a department who know everything about advertised product and this department can contact with the outside advertising agency when they are co-operative working.

Full-service Advertising Agency

Using full-service advertising agency is a method which can save time and labor. This is the advantage for companies who use this method to advertise. The full-service advertising agency has a whole specialist team for its clients. All the requirements of companies who want to promote can be contented. Choosing work with full-service advertising agency means the companies only need to give agency their claim or opinion and pay. Then the agency will give help them create different advertisements, make media plan to place these ads on various kinds of media, research the response of target audience, etc. Clients companies just need to give their ideas which help the full-service agency change their work.

Using full-service advertising agency also has its disadvantage. First is their price is high, you can get specialist service but you have to pay a lot of money. Secondly, you can’t control the advertising process although you have your own ideas or styles about promoting. Sometimes the full-service advertising agency will tell clients their work is much better than the clients’. And the third point is not every agency is good and efficient. Some of them can’t give the companies who want to advertise good results. Even some case are not big, they will neglect these small clients.

A la carte Agency

The biggest advantage of a la carte agency is flexibility. The companies can choose different agencies for different parts of their own advertising plan. They have initiative for their work and requirement. The top agencies on each stage can be chosen to work for the same advertisements of one company; this company will get all the best points and collect them together. Then they have a very good advertising plan. And this plan is based on the company own ideas.

The disadvantage is sometimes using a la carte will cost more money, especially when the companies choose the best agencies which focus on one subject. And the companies produce all the advertising based on their consideration more, it doesn’t ensure the advertising will be successful.

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